Leaderboards based on SPM = the stupidest idea Treyarch has had in a long time.

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implying leaderboards in online games have ever been legitimate (with extremely few exceptions)

I wasn't implying that at all. They just made it even worse than it already was for some reason.

So you'd rather leaderboards be based on who has no life and has time to play the game 6+ hours a day?

No thanks.

I'd rather them be taken out completely if they're going to suck either way.

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Exactly. SPM is an indicator of skill. It sucks though, as TC stated, how some people have a few good games and get ranked highly. In order to fix that there should be like a minimal of 50 games played with like 1000 kills or something in order to get ranked. Just my two cents.

that is a great idea though.
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