Holy crap. The worm is freaking awesome. It's the first time I'm actually having

#11sgr8Posted 2/4/2013 2:06:53 AM
sgr8 posted...
what is the worm ??

ok here is a vid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E982eEJfulo

dunno whats new about this tho.
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haha, watched some of his other vids, its pretty funny =)

also this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcFk97MgCsI
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whats annoying... for the shield as its under primary weapons, you have to waste one more pick10 slot to have two primary weapons, if you also want an LMG or smg etc :(
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tried with shield, i dont really get "WORM" with it. i think i have a better setup getting hatemail constantly and some matches go like 20:1 i can only advise.. find your own playstyle! for example for me BBs work much better still than claymores, and i think its of way more use to have 3 add-ons to your gun than have a shield :)

anyone can tell me with the sentry gun, can you plant it instanly now? or it still comes as a package?!
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Everytime I try this, I get like 2 kills and then no one comes back up for the rest of the match. XD
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Wow! That had to be the most annoying video I've ever watched. That guy's an idiot and not the least bit funny. If you truly think his ridiculous overuse of the word that he ridiculously overused is funny, you better take an IQ test to see if you have one.

Speaking of camping; I was in a few matches yesterday with a guy who was getting 30ish kills a game with single digit deaths. I decided to follow him and see what he was doing.

He was camping just about like this. I never saw him put down a shied although he may have.

He would set up in a room or an area and put claymores all around and just sit there. After he gets a few kills, you know what happens. The raging begins. Then he'd put down a sentry turret. I glanced at the scoreboard once early in the game and he had like 10 kills. A couple of minutes later I look again, and he has 21!!

He obviously knew the best place to set up for the most action. He got into that little kitchen area near the center of Raid for example. And he was good enough to hold that down for a while. But he never moved until they would finally kill him.
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