Least fave map and fave megadeth song

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Five Magics
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Least favourite map: Aftermath
Favourite Megadeth song: Holy Wars
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Least favorite... Probably carrier.
And no thanks,I would just listen to my 80s rock just fine.
But no one can do "Anarchy is the UK" better than the sex pistols.
Just saying :-)

Have you heard it though?

I agree the original is awesome, but I would argue that this version is better.

PS - Megadeth started in the 80's.... ; )

YouTube where art thou?

Here ya go dude:
Anarchy in the UK (Megadeth) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj9_YtUNIj8

As for me, least fav map: Carrier
Fav Megadeth song: Too many to list, but for this topic I'm gonna go with
Wake Up Dead
(I can't believe no one has mentioned it lol)

Wake up dead is a proper awesome song. I just really like the guitar riffing, and those lyrics, pretty strangte but cool.
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In My Darkest Hour
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I thought I knew it all
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Least favorite map is a tie between Carrier and Drone

Fave Megaderp song is Holy Wars
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Least fav map: Hijacked

Megadeth song: Hanger 18

Good topic... didn't think it would take off on this or any board
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hijacked. megadeath never was good and mustaine couldn't keep it together with metallica because he is bad. you want real metal listen to master of puppets. but since megadeath is what you want, symphony of destruction was the only song of theirs i ever liked.
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madgreg666 posted...
Least fav map: Hijacked

Megadeth song: Hanger 18

Good topic... didn't think it would take off on this or any board

Out of all people, I wouldn't expect the cod community to listen to megadeth!
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is it wrong that i have no idea who megadeth is?

yeah. its dave muffstaine for crying out loud!

marty friedman in cacophony > megadave

Quoted for knowing cacophony. Poor Jason Becker.