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4 years ago#11
donotfire posted...
Wookie_Is_Back posted...
donotfire posted...
Aadrian1234 posted...
TheMudkipMan posted...
Yeah, it's an amazing attachment if you're the type who enjoys wasting points on needless attachments. It provides literally no added benefit and you'd be better off with anything else in its place.

EDIT: I prefer Stock/Fast Mags or Stock/ExMags.

That's called an opinion

I would consider it more of a fact. The AN-94 has a built in burst fire. All you have to do is tap the trigger and you get the same effect as using select fire.

Tapping it doesn't give you anywhere near the same effect. You have to feather it.

Oh my bad. I heard stroking it works too.

The fire rate is fast enough to shoot 3-4 bullets during a tap. This isn't an issue of semantics, you clearly used the wrong word.
4 years ago#12
theres a certain rhythm when using the an4

you pulse the trigger every time you hear the hit marker sound. 2-3 of those and there down. select fire could be use for the beginners using the gun... or lazy people who dont want to find the rhythm of using it.

FMJ is far more useful because it becomes OP is the hands of a skilled player
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4 years ago#13
I used SF in HC with the Target Finder + Stock simply because I don't trust the game's mechanics/lag and I wanted two bullets every damn time.
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