I'm pretty sad they didnt patch the C4 issue yet..

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3 years ago#1
I dont see it posted about much, but everyone should know its true. Several times I have blown up a C4 right under 1 or multiple enemies and it doesnt affect them at all. I'm not talking about flak jacket, I'm talking about literally it just not registering at all. It's been this way since release, but C4 is so good that I have been kind of ok with this issue.

Today though I had 3 incidents where I C4'd and saw the explosion right under 3 enemies running towards me. I figured it could be lag, but then watched THEIR killcam and it shows them running together, and an explosion going off right on them.. and there screen doesnt have any damage indicated at all. It's just ridiculous.. I cant believe it hasnt been patched yet.
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3 years ago#2
Yea this happens to me too, the no hitmarkers thing. Also people can survive crossbow sticks.
3 years ago#3
If it was lag then whatever, but when you see it happen during the killcam theres just no excuse for it.
GT: whosyodaddeh
3 years ago#4
I actaully had this happen with a hunter killer drone over the weekend.

I chucked it at a guy coming for my care package(its how I role, lol) and it hit him in the face, blew up and the guy shot me dead.

Watched the kill cam, saw the hunter come in, smack him and blow up, but no damage whatsoever. He was runnign ghost/lightweight.

Havent' seen it with C4 yet though.
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3 years ago#5
Happens with all explosives. Whether it be a Semtex or a Lode Star rocket.

Could definitely use some adjusting on the "invisible walls" this game creates.
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3 years ago#6
If I play for an hour it probably happens 3-4 times within that hour. I use C4 like crazy and rush the entire match though, so I dont know if that may play a role in it. Maybe if your character is moving forward and you throw a C4 its late on registering or something? I have no idea. It happens to me with double/triples non-freaking-stop though. I get a lot of double and triples still, but not nearly as many as I should have.
GT: whosyodaddeh
3 years ago#7
I can say I have never had that problem.... Only issue I have come across to tossing far away, blowing it up then I die and its says mistakes were made, then on killcam I didn't even throw it far it landed infront of me then I blow it up.

Maybe the problem is the same, the animation is going further then it looks, so when you blow it up its not actually one them.
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3 years ago#8
Na I've played since COD4 and I know when I throw a C4 on someone.
3 years ago#9
same^ lol... and I've used C4 as my main lethal since 4 as well. It's the ultimate anti-camper tool.
GT: whosyodaddeh
3 years ago#10
^ sadly you wouldn't know the animation went further then it actually went, unless you die after throwning it, or you can see the coding used.. Kinda like when you get hit markers, but in the killcam you never even shot him.

Same effect, just applied to C4.
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  3. I'm pretty sad they didnt patch the C4 issue yet..

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