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User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#11
ILLMitch1 posted...
ImTooSkilledd posted...
ILLMitch1 posted...
It's not half as fun as MW3 FFA but I still think it's not bad. It took me awhile to adjust but now I can win 99% of my games and easily pull 500+ SPM.

You just can't go into it expecting MW3 and it becomes a lot more fun.

I mean I do well in it. Well over a 2 K/D and around a 450 SPM. I just have so many BS deaths. Guess that's just BO2 in general, though.

I get what you are saying. I get a ton of them too but I've just grown to accept it in this game. I'm happy going in the 30 and 10-12 range.

I'm never going for a 30-0 again haha. That was the most frustrating challenge and I'm glad it's done with.

God I don't even want to imagine trying to go for a 30-0 in FFA on this game. I dropped quite a few MOABs on MW3, but in BO2? Feel like it'd take a miracle to get one even against horrible kids.
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User Info: 2200rms

4 years ago#12
Yeah I did like FFA in MW3 a lot better. This one is still fine but my one proof that this games FFA is not as good is that Im playing other game modes more often. In mw3 I was strictly FFA after being a deathmatch player on black ops 1. It seems slums or standoff would be the easier maps to go 30-0 on. I went 29-1 on slums some dude killed me when I was at 29. but I used scorestreaks. I have plenty of 30-3s but no perfect games

User Info: 2200rms

4 years ago#13
Did they change the spawns with the new update on xbox as well. The new spawns on hijacked on Ps3 really suck now.

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