I have a 26.20 K/D ratio with the Ballistic Knife

#11flamepeltPosted 2/5/2013 12:00:20 PM
dario1101 posted...
KILLSTREAK posted...
My accuracy with the crossbow is 200% I am so good I hit you TWICE.

Glitchy game, makes you wonder if the rest of the stats are accurate..

I have a 0.01 K/D with the Fhj launcher. I wonder if the guy who got hit left the game!

.14!!!!! I usually switch my weapon before dying and I camo guardians/sentries until done one wals past then.
#12LeTHaL_PiRaTePosted 2/5/2013 12:27:04 PM
My friends deadliest killstreak is the UAV with 380,000 kills.

Also, my K/D with the Ballistic knife was 54, but then I messed around with it so it dropped.
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