Why is MW2 suddenly considered good

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Lag comp wasn't as bad in MW2. I get severely punished in BO2 for having a decent connection.
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TC, it comes down to not so much MW2 being suddenly considered good...but more so people appreciating what they had with it. While subjective, as all opinions are, personally I think each reiteration of the series has gotten steadily worse since MW2. MW2 was & is very playable. OMA/DC is really the only issue, and even that has a counter to balance it out.

Each game afterwards has just took serious dips in the wrong direction. There are several things that each game since has done right, but generally, they have been far outweighed by the things they did wrong.

Best answer here.
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Mw2 was terrible.

I am glad that I am done with that garbage.
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Because despite some flaws, it had consistently the best MP. Good netcoding, where even if you are on a 2 bar, you aren't that bad off. Hit detection where if you aim at someone, and shoot them THEY DIE. Weapon balance was excellent. You would of course see more Assault rifles, but every weapon in that game could compete with each other which is something I am thankful Blops 2 did their damnedest to replicate. The maps were all good. Only a few maps I ever felt moody about (namely Rundown, Wasteland, Rust, Sub Base) and none of them were terrible.

The only problem was OMA DC spam. MLC was annoying and Commando lunge was rage inducing, but it was fun, and most weapons would still decimate any MLC clowns before they got close. And OMADC and Command could have been patched/nerfed had IW not been in the middle of court hearings.
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Suddenly? I always thought it was the best.

This. MW2 is objectively superior when it comes to the finer details. This is disregarding the noob tubing and other obvious stuff, however,

Exactly my thoughts. I loved MW2 the most of the time I played it, sure there was the OMA noob tubes and javelin glitch, but the majority of the time people didn't abuse them. Most fun CoD by far.
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MW2 was the best COD by far. Only real problem was quickscoping and I would just take out my OMA/GL class to deal with those "people"
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I honestly can't see anyone who prefers a cod other than Cod, cod2, cod3, cod4, and modern warfare 2 as anything other than a tasteless individual. These cods at least worked as they supposed to. The rest, you can't even say that they really do.
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Why wouldn't you think it was the best? Because of OMADC tubes and MLC? Well newsflash, those guys weren't as common as some people make out and - the kicker - they can still be killed.

Personally i found AA12 Ex mags to be waaay more annoying,

AA-12 ExMags can't kill you from the back of the map when you try to cap a flag or make C4mores or Thermal snipe through a never-ending smokescreen or grab Hardline just to guarantee a Harrier from a Pred or all the other things OMA allowed a single player to do in a game where seven kills had a reasonable chance of turning into a game-winning Nuke regardless of the objective.

I'll give you MLC since it's not that great outside of its lag-abusing nature, but please realize putting the AA-12 on the same level as OMA/DC is really darn silly.

Cold Blooded beats thermal sniper, sitrep beats C4more, cold blooded once again beats killstreaks,
OMA also left you completly vulnerable for 3-5 seconds. All I see is people that didn't wanna change their playstyle to deal with someone/ something killing them.

because not using stopping power is too much of a sacrifice

This is what was so good. Why was ghost such a huge problem in black ops, while nobody said a single thing about cold blooded? Stopping Power was there to balance everything out.
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Mw2 was good until the quickscoping got outta hand. I don't and never will quick scope cuz it's cheap and bush league. Only people I know who don't trash the game are quickscopers. Tried to play it a couple weeks back ,full lobby of scopers.real fun when your the only one using a real gun.

Left that lobby and next one was same bs.

Oh that and the guy flying around wasteland in a superman suit during a match. I.W made a terribly hacked game. But west and zampella get a pass cuz it's the big guy vs the little guy.

People do your research and see how west and zampella did the same thing when they joined activision. They screwed a lot of people.
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BrownPack posted...
I honestly can't see anyone who prefers a cod other than Cod, cod2, cod3, cod4, and modern warfare 2 as anything other than a tasteless individual. These cods at least worked as they supposed to. The rest, you can't even say that they really do.

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