What would your title be?

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4 years ago#11
General Gramps, The team player
:D I must have a lot of expirence since i'm that old :P
Rainbow Dash is best pony.
brohoof anyone? ^-^ /) ? # of Brohooves gotten-170! :D Started Feb. 2012 (Tac-45 <3)
4 years ago#12
Lieutenant Laserbeam the Braveheart
4 years ago#13
Corporal couchpotato the teamplayer
4 years ago#14
GT: Stelthmastr
4 years ago#15
Major Money the Mastermind. Yea buddy!
Z3R0 -Pokemon Pearl FC: 2664-5784-7370 :::::: Z3R0 - Pokemon Platinum: 2106-5867-7276
Buster - Pokemon Black: 3696-9286-6353
4 years ago#16
4 years ago#17
Commander Cool the Powerful
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
4 years ago#18
Booster Buttcrack the Questionable
4 years ago#19
K/D <.25

Not the face!
4 years ago#20
General Gramps the Team Player

So close to The Wanderer ._.
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