What would your title be?

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User Info: ultraviolent721

4 years ago#31
Corporal Couchpotato the Team Player.

About right.
Guild of Mute Asassins

User Info: supercoolisaac

4 years ago#32
gunho7 posted...
president pillager the camper


"Persistence until excellence."

User Info: dario1101

4 years ago#33
Lord_Xandros posted...
General Gramps the Team Player

So close to The Wanderer ._.

Hey! You and me both! :D
Rainbow Dash is best pony.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#34
K/D: 0.798
SPM: 281

Corporal Couchpotato the Team Player

lol, And I am a team player *double thumbs up*; I go for the objectives (capturing and defending flags) and I always play Domination.
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User Info: Poopcat187

4 years ago#35
Lieutenant laserbeam the magnificent
I like the sound of that

User Info: DownOfASystem

4 years ago#36
Sergeant Steel the gracious
"I trainy,I eaty,and I sleepy"

User Info: Centium76

4 years ago#37
Soldier Shank, The Teamplayer

User Info: murdokthegreat

4 years ago#38

User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

4 years ago#39
General Gore the Braveheart.

Das cool.
It doesn't make me unfaithful, unless I'm laying down the cable...

User Info: murdokthegreat

4 years ago#40
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