I quickscope, and I'm a better player than you in every way.

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Shotguns are OP too much range. Nerfed.
SMGs are OP too much range. Nerfed.

Snipers are effective at any range. Balanced game.

F*** this series and the twisted logic used by the fans and the devs, done with call of lag comp.

Are you seriously too dense to realize why sniping isn't OP? Have you ever wondered why pros don't use snipers in tournaments, since they're so "OP" and all? How come you RARELY come across a sniper who has a 3+ K/D, yet seeing a guy who mainly uses SMGs/ARs maintain a 3+ K/D isn't such a rarity? I'm curious, since quickscoping is so easy and overpowered.

answer: It's not easy to be effective at all ranges with a sniper. Sure, if you can hit every quickscope from all ranges on the first shot everytime, then yeah, it'd be OP. But even I cannot do that, and I've been sniping extensively since CoD4. It's much harder to run around and be effective while quickscoping than it is to ADS/hipfire with a regular gun and kill them. You miss one shot with the DSR, and you're most likely ****ed. Even with guns like the XPR, it's not much easier even though you have a little more leeway when it comes to missing shots.

The only people calling quickscoping easy/OP are the ones who have never tried it. Or the ones who claim they try it and do amazing everytime, yet never show any proof of it despite me asking multiple times for one simple gameplay in their file share.

Still waiting for an explanation.
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i don't mind people quickscoping, as long as they don't mind me dropshotting