Wow, using keyboard and mouse vs console players = EZ mode.

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3 years ago#181
SparkItUp posted...
ihaveyahoorares posted...
Haha. I only brought up money since he did. If you're young, I'm telling you, become a damn bartender or server in a busy upper class restaurant... You can't beat that money anywhere else with little experience. Kids working 20 hours a week at the grocery store in HS making minimum wage. I'd work a busy Saturday night and make more. It's STUPID money for how easy it is...

Not to mention, if you are planning on going to college, you are making future contacts possibly with those that will grow into influence while you are studying in college. Those contacts may bear fruit one day. Not guaranteed, but it there is no such thing as knowing too many people.

I work with someone who's 26 and works as a financial analyst at a bank. He got his connection through a regular customer. He still works 1 day a week, usually Saturday nights with me. He's the only other one who understands my madness and can keep up. He does it for the extra money. Work 4 nights a month and make an extra $800-1400. Who wouldn't? Lol.

We've got a few people who have gotten references from regulars that landed them 'real' jobs. Great way to get connections. I got plane tickets to Florida last year from a regular. He had the tickets, couldn't go because of another business thing. I took a friend down there and spent the week. Hotel and everything paid for already through his company.

I got a late start to college and am currently taking many different classes. Either Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, or something else. Haven't decided yet. Most likely an engineering field though haha.

My dream is to one day design my own car and build it. Just for me. Not a 'I wanna start a company' goal. Just a hobby that interests me. All those classes play a role in it.
3 years ago#182
Look into LeMans racing. There are alot of "companies" that consist of 1-10 people solely for building an awesome racecar.
3 years ago#183
__redxiii__ posted...
ihaveyahoorares posted...
You can also scumbag people as a bartender. Usually to the idiots who treat you like crap and tip horribly...

Say you order a Grey Goose and Pineapple juice... I can give you the well vodka, charge you for the grey goose, then give a regular who's a great person the grey goose instead of the well vodka they always order.

That doesn't happen often though.

People are jerks. I got robbed a few times working at a gas station. Lol talk about bad customers.

Lmao. Yea, people who work directly with the public have it the worst.

Also, you'd be surprised on how well you can read people after working in a restaurant and bar for a few years. It's unbelievable. You need to read them in order to gauge how they'll tip, what they'll order, what you can try to sell them, how much attention they'll need, how to treat them, etc.

I see a guy on a first date who has come in before, alone or with another girl. Damn straight I'm gonna try to sell him the most expensive crap and act like he's a big shot at the bar. It's like getting paid to get a psychology degree working behind a bar... I can usually tell how home life is too.
3 years ago#184
Ha. Yea one of my brothers works at this up scale restaurant now and couples that come in will already be up to $100 in drinks before they even order appetizers.
3 years ago#185
Well, I'm talking about designing the car itself. Cars are a passion of mine. I appreciate and love them all. From the crappiest of civics, to the nicest Koenigseggs.

Aerodynamics, fuel consumption, what type of fuel, what type of fluids in the engine, what materials to use for what area, adding structural integrity without increasing weight, how to make it handle better, etc. like having a blank piece of paper to start from....

Except this is Murica! And things like that usually can't be on the road for safety and emissions. So you buy a car that doesn't run, but has a VIN # haha. From there you can pretty much do anything you want since it'll be titled and registered as whatever it 'was'.
3 years ago#186
Like I said look up LeMans racing.
3 years ago#187
__redxiii__ posted...
Ha. Yea one of my brothers works at this up scale restaurant now and couples that come in will already be up to $100 in drinks before they even order appetizers.

We have 2 lawyers that come in all the time for lunch (3-4 days a week). She has a bottle of wine, he has 4+ Bacardi and Diets. Their tab is rarely less than $150. He pulls out the black Amex card and leaves you $50. Theres another guy Jacques who comes in EVERY WEEKDAY, has 2 20oz beers, and leaves $40 in cash on the bar. I make $300+ a week just off those people haha.

I work Tuesday-Friday lunch usually, then Saturday night. Lunches are sometimes better than dinners it's an upscale restaurant in a nice area right near a few law firms and other companies where people make BANK. The night crowd sometimes can be the idiot kids of those people and the people trying to impress someone. Sometimes I work a double shift on Wednesday if the lady at night can't get her babysitter. I work Saturday's only because of the volume. I'm one of the 3 people there who could handle it. The only who has handled it alone numerous times... 30 seat bar + 3 tables. It's usually all full with people standing behind on Saturday nights.

We always trade shifts though if someone needs cash for rent or something. 'hey, I need $100 more for rent by tomorrow, can I work tomorrow morning and you can work my friday night?'.. Sure.
3 years ago#188
__redxiii__ posted...
Like I said look up LeMans racing.

I have :-). I know a lot about it. I believe the cars you're referring to are the prototypes. Usually called Daytona Prototypes. The LMP prototypes are usually factory backed teams.

Now, look up LeMons racing :-). I'm trying to get a car together for that with a few friends... Did it 2 years ago but the engine WANGBANGPOPCRACKSNAPSMOKEFIRE'd itself about 3/4's into the race.
3 years ago#189
I just did, I don't see how any car under $500 besides a toyota could handle that.
3 years ago#190
Wow, didn't expect this to get so much attention
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
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