you go-to gun and your real life job

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I'm not that young. And whats the connection between my sig and being in 8th grade?

is it hard being openly a brony in 8th grade? just curious. I figure you'd get picked on tons

To the topic,

gun: Skorpion
job: resident BO2 board wiseass and doucebag

No not really, Most people are cool with it. And I know there are other bronies in my school because I have a google chrome browser and I have a MLP theme of it. Some people actually know what it is, Go figure.

EDIT:And by know of what it is I mean that they know the specific names of certain ponies.

Oh and one day when We had to present science fair there was a guy with a folder named "MYLITTLEPONY". The teacher and everyone else was like o_o
I just snickered... And I have yet to know who he is ._.
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I'm in the 8th grade

Your sig is much less creepy since you are so young lol

I'm not that young. And whats the connection between my sig and being in 8th grade?

It has the words "rainbow" and "pony."
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SWAT w/ Quickdraw, Stock, Suppressor.

Ordertaker at In N Out Burger.
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Electrical engineer in the wind turbine industry.
GT: An Old Nun
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Your Tax Dollars

^ brags about being a loser ^

certified pool operator and installer.
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SMR with red dot and silencer.

Sitting at home all day testing video games as a last testers before launch or open beta starts.
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Type 25 with acog

Cashier at Lowes Foods
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Industrial Designer at a major golf company.
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Swat or Mtar, msmc on smaller maps.

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I don't have a job , my I.Q. is too low for me to understand the questions on the application or interview .
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