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User Info: dan0956

4 years ago#1
Apart from an emblem on my gun
apart from it turning gold/diamond

is there any reason to prestige my weapon and go from every attachment to no attachments?

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#2
Prestiging doesn't affect camos.

You do get more exp getting you attachment backs, or you get new calling cards.

Other than that, no reason to do it.

User Info: Rapaleeman

4 years ago#3
You don't need to prestige it to get it gold or diamond.

The only things you get from weapon prestige is a weapon Calling Card, the access to another weapon Calling Card after you get all the camos, emblem, and clan tag. You do re-earn the XP for prestiging a gun so if you only use one weapon you can essentialyl earn the weapon XP 3 times.

Outside of that though, no there is no real reason to prestige the gun. For instance, I leveled the Ballista all the way up to get the Iron Sight. I will never prestige that gun as I hate sniping and only wanted the Iron Sight. No point in prestiging that gun to me.
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User Info: DtheBruiser

4 years ago#4
As others posted, mainly its for the XP and something to do/work toward
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User Info: Mlevie

4 years ago#5
Prestiging it has no effect on Camo. The only reasons are to be able to put your clan tag/ emblem on it and calling cards. I do it because I like working towards challenges, it gives me a goal

User Info: dan0956

4 years ago#6
ok responses, thanks guys

i wont prestige anymore
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