i have been treyarch'd (video)

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User Info: XT3M3

4 years ago#11
JVel91 posted...
You got JVEL'd.


: D
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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#12
XT3M3 posted...


I had that happen also.... on raid. Except it bounced itself onto a little ledge with a hedge like bush on it. The carepackage kept itself safe from people trying to steal it at least.... I ended up going back and using a blackhat to get it.
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User Info: THEDONUT2004

4 years ago#13
There's a few places on Hijacked where that happens too. Happened to me yesterday but luckily it landed on a roof and not in the middle of the ocean. I was able to get it with a black hat.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#14
stop campin

User Info: BS_Infinite

4 years ago#15
Why does it only happen in this cod?
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User Info: Xolace

4 years ago#16
I was in a crappy mood. This clip made my day.

User Info: gamerguy24

4 years ago#17
Ha wow I hate when this happens.
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User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#18
look at Jt Miller gettin his stick wet. This one could turn into a blow out. Might be the best period we've played
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