So what are good SPM's on Demo, Dom, KC and Hardpoint?

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OK. The reason I was asking was because I saw people on this board type that under 600 SPM in modes like Demo and Hardpoint is bad if you think you are good or something like that... I was basically seeing if they were trolling or not.
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I'm around 450 SPM in KC. Haven't checked for exact SPM. I don't play enough dom, hardpoint or demo to have an accurate SPM in those game modes.

I'd say anything above 400 in objective modes is a solid SPM.
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supercoolisaac posted...
Depends on what you consider good lol.

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Depends on whether it's Ground War or not, too. There's more SPM potential in Ground War since there's more people to kill.

And UAV, C-UAV, VSAT and EMP assists only count during the life in which you use them. Once you die, you stop accumulating assist points. I think it's silly, but probably a balancing fix.
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I would agree that 400+ SPM in objective gametypes is good to aim for. In most cases, it shows that you are actually playing the objective or helping your team in some way.
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