Anyone use gaming headsets when playing?

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  3. Anyone use gaming headsets when playing?
2 years ago#21
I bought some awhile back to play while my wife's in the room (she hates game music), and now that's all I use.
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2 years ago#22
DarkLeemer posted...
fatclemenza posted...
According to most of GFAQs you're a cheater for using one

Lmao. He's right. How dare you use a device designed for a video game. Do you use the chat pad too? They are so OP when sending messages.


Yes, I use TB X11 or 12 the old ones. Had them for a long while. I use them because it cancels out background noise and lets me play while the wife is sleeping. I can't see anyone realistically accusing someone of cheating for using a headset. That's on par with Palin.

BTW I do use the chat pad!
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2 years ago#23
Not me.

TV sound master race.
2 years ago#24
I remember when I had a discussion with a guy on the Mw2 board who told me his single speaker tv was just as good at placing footsteps as a surround sound system or surround sound headphones.

CoD boards seem to be breeding grounds for morons.
2 years ago#25
I do, but just out of respect for my landlords so they don't have to hear the gun fire and noise all day and night.
2 years ago#26
I have a pair of Turtle Beach Earforce x11s that I got over 2 years ago for $30. These things work just as good as the day I got them which I find to be absolutely amazing. I can't play without them now.
GT: ILL Mitch1 ---- 8x MW3 Lonewolf Champ
2 years ago#27
A friend just gave me some Turtle Beach X11s, and I'm really enjoying them. I don't play online that much, but they're a nice addition for my single player games also.
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2 years ago#28
gunho7 posted...
JVel91 posted...
Ive been using my turtle beach x11's since the MW2 days.

Stay mad haters.

Lol why would anyone be mad that you use a head set?

Stay mad hater

2 years ago#29
flame030191 posted...
supercoolisaac posted...
turtle beach x12's myself.

A friend of mine likes their set. I had a P11 before (the PS3 version of the X12) and felt the sound didnt seem quite right. I sold them shortly later and it is the only reason i never got the X12

I've never had any problems with mine.

The cords are a bit long though :/
"Persistence until excellence."
2 years ago#30
People actually think you're a cheater for wearing a headset? That's honestly one of the single most moronic and ignorant statements I've heard on Gamefaqs, and that's saying a lot.
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  3. Anyone use gaming headsets when playing?

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