Called in my first earnt swarm just now.

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2 kills. So worth the 1700 KS.

But it's 1900 ...

Never used it before, never noticed, I was guessing. Although with hardline on its probably closer to 1700.

With Hardline, it's roughly 1584. It essentially lowers the score requirement by 16.67%. Ever since the nerf, it feels like Swarms are inconsistent. The day it happened, I got 18 kills with one Swarm. A few days later, I got fewer than 18 from three Swarms. I got one last night on Standoff and the host immediately dashboarded.
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I decided to equip Swarm for the first time ever last night. First game with it on I get it. 8 kills, next game right after I get it again, another 8 kills. I think the same time happened the first time I decided to put on Dogs, got them the first game.

I mean I coulda got like 8-12 with a Lodestar too I guess but whatever.
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I play hardcore only and I swear everyone has blind eye on every class. Dogs suck too, I get like a grand total of 2 kills with each call in of dogs. Any streak over AGR seems next to useless on hardcore.
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pretty much why I've been running support killstreaks since MW3.
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Really, Stealth Chopper is the only KS worth its weight. Hell it outperforms all other high end streaks 90% of the time.

That said, I mostly run the good old support KS UAV CUAV and VSAT. So long as I am helping my sometimes (most of the time) mentally challenged team mates, I feel that it helps me out in the end (not really).
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