Live Down?

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4 years ago#1
Did anyone else get kicked of Live and get the message that some content isn't available?
going where the water tastes like wine
4 years ago#2
I keep getting "Sign in status changed" Never the less, just restarted my router. and..................................... failed. Problem while signing in.
Xbox Live Gt - Majik518
4 years ago#3
I thought i lost internet and reset my router... But yeah i was disco'd.
4 years ago#4
Yes Sir. I was just on the Dead Space 3 board and people got kicked out of the online coop as well. I was playing Grind and got disconnected so I assumed it was my router acting up again, but it's good to know I wasn't the only one.
GT: DarKShoTs
4 years ago#5
LMAO. Type in like it says and it claims the page doesnt exist anymore.
Xbox Live Gt - Majik518
4 years ago#6
Happened to me and my 2 friends playing Halo 4 together. I'm reconnected now but that was weird.
Henshin-a-go-go baby!
4 years ago#7
Majik25 posted...
LMAO. Type in like it says and it claims the page doesnt exist anymore.

silly well i'm going to bed.
GT: DarKShoTs
4 years ago#8
Yup, back up now. I wonder if that "massive" snowstorm is bombarding Xbox headquarters.
Xbox Live Gt - Majik518
4 years ago#9
I was just in an intense game of Hardpoint vs a team of highly ranked players on Hijacked. My team just took the lead, I managed to get a VSAT and BOOM disconnected.

For a split second I thought that I had been DDOSed for the first time haha.
GT: ILL Mitch1 ---- 8x MW3 Lonewolf Champ
4 years ago#10
Live is down for me too. I've taken the time to play thru campaign on veteran. Hardened was too hard to complete the strike force missions.

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