Dropped from 14 to 8 sens

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User Info: ImTooSkilledd

4 years ago#11
zxrax_alt_1 posted...
From: ImTooSkilledd | #001
Anyone else make big jumps in sensitivities before just for the hell of it?

Nope, you're the only one ever

**** you too >_>

Welp, already went back up to 11 lmao. I'm just gonna stick on this. I never should've moved up to 14 in the first place. Played on Very High for a solid year and loved it.
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User Info: zxrax_alt_1

4 years ago#12
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User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#13
i was at 12 until i switched to lightweight + stock. dropped to 9 or 10 and gradually move up once i feel comfortable
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User Info: ralalooloo11

4 years ago#14
I'm a SMG user and I can't stand the low sensitivities.
I'm at 14 now and I love it.
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