So, within the past day or 2 I started using Snipers. Is Quickscoping hard? Hmm.

#21Telvanni_guardPosted 2/8/2013 7:18:43 AM
"Quickscoping though... That's a different story all together. I'm still trying to get the feel of it and everything. Learning where the guy should be, how to swing the analog sticks correctly, when to aim and fire correctly, etc. With under 300 sniper kills, I'm not doing too bad and it's honestly not THAT difficult. It's hard, but not as hard as many make it out to be."

Watching you aim, I'd think you'd do better with making slight adjustments after the scope in instead of just going for quickscoping people out.


Please don't make shot attempts like that first and third one common place.
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