Connection interrupted...Are you ****ing kidding me...

#1SolidIngramPosted 2/8/2013 8:19:32 AM
I just love when you work so hard to get a VTOL warship or a K-9uniti and some little ***** decides to pull there Ethernet cable. This has happened to me every single time I have gotten the Loadstar, VTOL, or K9 unit. Some people are just so pathetic they shouldn't have the right to even tough a controller.
#2slaveanselmoPosted 2/8/2013 8:20:24 AM
Gotta look out for those KDs.
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#3ZoidWildFlowersPosted 2/8/2013 8:22:17 AM
lol streaks arent even that good in this game, why they're d/cing i have no idea.....

is it really that hard to go inside a building? I mean... its not like there are a shortage of them.... xd
#4SolidIngram(Topic Creator)Posted 2/8/2013 8:26:28 AM
I know it's just sad. Shoot it down,or shoot the dogs, at least it's not that hard.
#5slaveanselmoPosted 2/8/2013 8:27:01 AM
Personally, I love shooting down Drones and Choppers and VTOLs and AGRs with my LSATAN class. Have yet to run into a Lodestar or Warthog. That I had the class for anyway.
I'm not changjng this signature until I feel like it.