finally found my class

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User Info: RPGdude9001

4 years ago#11
I've been doing Lightweight/Hardline SMG classes since BO1, and I love them so much. Also, I prefer the Chicom or Skorpion as my SMG in this game because the MSMC I consider OP and too popular, and I like being set apart. (I think those that use the MSMC have magical lag-manipulating powers to make you lose to them 100% as long as you are using an SMG).

User Info: __redxiii__

4 years ago#12
Bouncing betty is for bums, why don't you run scavenger too so you can be a super bum?

User Info: MikeRoxTheBoat

4 years ago#13
Redskins4Life21 posted...
Simple answer to the msmc... I've used it a lot, but the fact is that I miss a lot and the msmc fire rate is too low

Try the Skorpion. I switch between a Skorpion, a Rapid Fire LMG, and a Dual Band Sniper Rifle depending on the map/objective. I've found that I tend to do best with the Skorpion, due to its high rate of fire. I do well with the MP7, too, but when it comes to twitchy reflex shooting, I win almost every time with the Skorpion.

I play on Hardcore, though, so that probably makes a huge difference.
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