C4, Tac inserts, claymores, Bettie's, and non lock on launchers,

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Madsprayer posted...
slaveanselmo posted...
You LOVE C4. How could you?

That's what i thought. He always replies "shhh" when someone talks fondly of C4

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Vrresto posted...
Why have people been complaining about C4, claymores and RPGs so much lately even though they've been in the series since CoD4?

As much as people love saying it, you know the games aren't literally copy/pastes of each other, right? Just because equipment is in multiple CoDs doesn't mean it acts the same in all of them.
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zzhbombzz posted...
Sometimes if you just cry it will make you feel better.

LMAO the first night of basic training some dude was crying and someone said that to him. I almost fell to the floor laughing.
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You're really going to complain about my underbarrel grenade launcher thats been nerfed to hell and has a huge amount of competing choices? ok...
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I miss OMA and Danger Close noobtubes, they were so much fun and helped me beat the tac inserts. Why with all the other broken stuff did they have to get removed?
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