Die Rise makes no sense -- is there any objective in this level?

#1g52Posted 2/9/2013 8:13:34 AM
In the other zombies maps it's pretty straightforward -- survive as many waves as you can. In Tranzit, you can jump from zone to zone via the bus.

However, Die Rise makes no sense. Every round starts with everybody in the area with the elevator, computer desk and the staircase. Then after someone opens the door or the elevator drops everyone spreads out and you're forced to run down endless hallways and through rooms with no zombies. You never see your teammates ever again.

I've played this map about a dozen times online and every round is like this. There seems to be no linear path or clear objective or direction on where to go.

What is the point of this level?
#2RJrockstarPosted 2/9/2013 8:27:09 AM
You need to remember the paths you take. It took me 5 matches to get full understanding on the map layout. My objective is always to get the Steam trample, an94+MP5 and hold out at the rooftop where the dragons are, and make sure each Nova crawler round is killed only using Melee, equipment and explosves for dat free perk.
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TC: quit playing in pubs with people who don't use mics. Die Rise is an amazing zombies map.
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PaP an AN-94 and then proceed to camp where ever you want.
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Your goal should be taking the elevators to the roof, then have a dance party up there.
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