C/D: You run no scorestreak above VSAT

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3 years ago#1
C. I enjoy the UAV/Chopper/VSAT combo but recently I've rediscovered the lightning strike which is much easier to get and is almost a guaranteed 2-3 kills. I've ran swarm a few times but it doesn't seem to be effective enough for the score it requires. The highest I would ever run now is the warthog and I don't even think I could do that now because of how many times it has let me down.
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3 years ago#2
C. Running anything above is just asking for people to rage quit...although some people leave as soon as a VSAT pops up.

UAV-Lightning Strike-VSAT
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3 years ago#3
C. UAV -> CUAV/LS -> VSAT all day.

LS most of the time, CUAV if I'm playing against a UAV-happy crew.

Also, I only play Hardpoint. :D
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3 years ago#4
I only run big streaks because i'm a kill whore.
3 years ago#5
supercoolruben posted...
I only run small streaks because i'm an objective whore.

"Persistence until excellence."
3 years ago#6
Actually, I don't run anything bigger than a AGR.
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3 years ago#7

UAV ---> LS ---> VSAT

If I sense I'm in a really strong lobby (or play TDM on rare occasions) I drop the VSAT for a CUAV or HK.
3 years ago#8
D, I like using the EMP sometimes.
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3 years ago#9
My favourite set up is vsat escort and emp but I usually end up chaining it too fast
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3 years ago#10

UAV > VSAT > Lodestar
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