C/D: You run no scorestreak above VSAT

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2 years ago#41

Official Ash Ketchum of the ACIII boards.
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2 years ago#42
DakotaOnFireNow posted...
D. I run UAV>VSAT>EMP. I typically wait until I hit all three to call them, or if I die between them.

You use your UAV and VSAT at the same time?
2 years ago#43
home352 posted...

While I do manage to loop through my usual UAV - C.P. - L.S. twice or even three times in some matches, if I ran VSAT i'd almost never get it...

That's C then...
2 years ago#44

Hunter Killer
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You're gonna love my nuts
2 years ago#45
I rush too much and get careless a lot. I prefer running low scorestreaks.
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  3. C/D: You run no scorestreak above VSAT

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