I need to add people to play with.

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Mithos from the Nintendo DS days?

There was a Mithos that played MKDS, and whom, oddly enough, I was also in the Perfect Clan with. But yeah I've been around since then. I remember you, though I can't recall if you were in PC or what exactly.

Anyway, I was in AoW for the longest time, but I wasn't in clans back during MKDS. I'm the other Mithos. Was never in TEC though.

I joined PC when MoHH2 came out, wasnt in a clan during my prime mkds/mph days tho.

Yeah I think we were in at the same time at one point though. I definitely remember seeing you around.

Also, to the other guy, I live in Minnesota.

Wow it must be cold up there! :O Do you like it there?

It's about 30 right now, which is very warm compared to what it's been. Nah, not a huge fan. Needs more sunlight and less cold. ;P
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