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3 years ago#1
I think that a lot of casual gamers find multiplayer fps games to be intimidating... I was among that crowd for quite a while and it took me a while to become competitive. Here are some hints for the cod newbies getting into black ops 2...

Custom games are your friend. Go on custom either by yourself or split screen with a friend and start playing against hardened bots. Once you start going positive on a regular basis (positive k/d ratio) you can move up to veteran bots. Once you are capable of at least holding your own in a TDM 6vs6 bots game, you should only then start playing real live multiplayer. Same thinking should apply with objective games. If you have never played domination before, don't ruin your stats and the win loss percentage of your team mates by jumping right into live competition. Play against hardened bots until you understand the strategy of the game and then go up against veteran bots to see if you are ready to compete. I wish I had the capability to do this years ago... Bots should be an option in any competitive multiplayer game.

At the same time, have a good idea what load out you want to use. Get most of the experimentation out of the way. My recommendation to start is an smg class. Once you start unlocking perks, use lightweight, dexterity,toughness, extreme conditioning and hardline. The reasoning behind this is that, unless you want to play very slow and methodical with an assault rifle, it will help you to have a speed advantage over most enemy players. This way, if you run into an ambush where you are grossly overmatched you can at least try to escape with your life. If you want to play slower and concentrate on k/d ratio without concern for your overall score, go with the mtar assault rifle. Go with stealth perks and consider equipping a silencer.

Stay close to the edges as often as possible. Use cover as often as possible. The goal is to stay out of sight as much as you can. This may sound obvious but you would be surprised at how many new players don't understand this. They see everyone running at the beginning of a match and don't realize that they may as well be parading around the map in a lamb suit. I know that I recommended an smg class, but unless you are very confident in your trigger finger, you want to avoid face to face combat in the beginning. You want to see the enemy far before they see you.

Always be aware of high ground. If you are playing a map like standoff, most of the map is covered by sniper posts in buildings. The main streets of the map are a bloodbath. Stick to alleyways and back routes.

This leads to LEARNING THE MAPS. Hopefully, you played each map at least 3 times against bots to get some sense of the lay of the land. Of course, unless you are very patient and play every map versus bots at least 10 times (or have a great photographic memory), you will eventually be going up against live competition who know the maps far better than you do. All the more reason to stay off the beaten path. When exploring the maps, try and take note of choke points where you can ambush (i'm not saying you want to camp) as well as sniper outposts. Get a feel for what areas are bloodbaths and consider avoiding said areas until you are more capable.Think like a soldier. Concentrate. I used to play a lot of madden, and after a while in that game you can sort of go on auto-pilot. This really isn't the case in call of duty. Concentration is key.

There is a lot more to learn, obviously.

What other tips can you guys think of to get a newcomer acclimated?
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3 years ago#2
With theater mode you can watch matches forever to see how people actually play, to see how you play as well. I Blackops I used to replay my matches to see what was going on at the time and why people did what they did. Watch your kill cams to understand how you died. Understand that they just give you a general idea because the latency might be messed up. Don't feed killstreaks. If their is a high powered one going on and you aren't equipped to take it out, run, hide until its over. Keep in mind killstreaks are great distractions, I'll use them to plow through or as a diversion even when I mess them up. For instance when dogs are out enemies are usually out hunting with them.
3 years ago#3
camp with smgs
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3 years ago#4
Forgot about sensitivity..... experiment with this. I recommend starting with low sensitivity because it will boost the aim assist.

Use bouncing Betty as soon as it becomes available. Plant them in clever locations and you should average 2 or 3 free kills a game.

Use low scorestreaks at first. Chances are you wont be getting a lodestar early on in ur career. Uav. Rcxd or hunter killer. Care package. Use carefully. Don't stand in the middle of the action and order in a care package.

Equip a lock on launcher as your second weapon. Shoot down enemy air support. Easy points to be had.

Play the objective in objective games. Sounds obvious but this concept still baffles players working on their third and fourth prestige
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3 years ago#5
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3 years ago#6
Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to get good overnight by just slapping on a PDW with a Silencer and running around like a madman. Take it slow, and make sure you check those corners. Engineer can be your friend as soon as it is opened up as can Tactical Mask. Don't limit yourself to a single weapon category, experiment and see what works best for you. Pissing someone off by using the MTAR? Keep at it! Having some trouble with the SVU-AS? Switch over to the DSR-50 and see if that doesn't make a big difference in your game.
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3 years ago#7
EMP everything.

You'll earn low tiered killstreaks just from that.
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3 years ago#8
Know the limitations of your class. If you equip an smg with no long barrel attachment, don't try to shoot it out with an enemy 50 meters away. Avoid that confrontation. Some newbies never back down from an enemy engagement. This is a huge mistake.

Likewise, If you are using an AR like the FAL, don't try to run up on an smg user. Play behind your own team's smg players and pick off enemies from behind the front lines.

The FAL is widely considered the best assault rifle in the game, but it can take a lot of practice and use before it becomes effective. It is definitely worth ranking the weapon up at least until select fire becomes unlocked for it. The FAL can be downright nasty when you make it fully automatic.

Just don't forget to switch to fully auto at the beginning of a match. I've seen professional cod players make that mistake and wonder why their gun only fires one shot when they hold down the trigger. An easy way to avoid an 0-1 start to the game
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3 years ago#9
Target Finder

3 years ago#10
Sorry, I meant to include this tip also:

The weapon stat screen can be deceiving. For example, there is widespread belief that the fmj attachment makes your weapon more powerful in every circumstance. This could not be further from the truth. Just because the damage stat is upgraded, it does not mean every shot delivers more hit points.

FMJ allows your gun to penetrate walls and cover more effectively. This comes in handy if you are playing against careful enemies, but does nothing when going up against a pure run n' gun opponent.

A red dot sight supposedly makes your gun far more accurate, but really the gun is still only as accurate as the user. Iron sights can be just as effective when utilized properly.

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