Supercoolisaac, Pipfection, Physikul, and I are all going to annihilate CoD XP

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Is league play really that different from normal core and hardcore? I haven't gotten around to trying it yet.
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blacklabelice posted...
really ? i hear a lot of excuses. being drunk. never played CTF, having a cellphone internet. the game glitching and freezing a whole team ill equipped to handle a sentry gun....oh we were just playing for fun etc. good players shouldnt really be obligated make excuses when they lose.,

but i guess when you want to show off to the world with your youtube cookie cutter classes, and play a restricted version of call of duty with the rules you tailor made to suit the way you play, its a tough pill to swallow when things dont go your way in the game i guess. especially when other people are watching.

that sentry gun must have been the greatest sentry gun of all time. i mean really? here we got a team of elitist braggers coming over to announce to the world how they are going to annihilate all....only to get destroyed by a sentry gun. is this fail or just trolling?

Jokes on you it was a troll topic. GG LMFAO
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lots of bads coming out of the woodwork ITT
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04
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fffez posted...

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Like I said in my previous post, you don't need an EMP grendade to take out a sentry. C Dom on standoff can easily have a sentry taken out by 2+ players communicating and rushing it from opposing sides. You "elite" players should know a sentry can't shoot in two opposite sides at the same time. Lol @ an EMP grenade being your only chance to take a sentry out.
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Why does everyone care so much?

Oh right, they're celebrities
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What killstreaks are each of you running? The whole "stun, stun, semtex" of old needs to get out of your heads asap, because smoke and EMPs should always be available for someone on your team, as well as a launcher class. How's the soundwhoring in league SnD? Running into people doing it or not?
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You guys gonna update when you give it another go?
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natedude0903 posted...
Lol, so much mad in this topic. They made a mistake. RELAX.

^ this...I'm actually surprised (but in a sense I'm not) by the amount of hate (actually may be a lack of maturity tbh) really. Exactly what is wrong with the community really as a whole. Good luck in future matches, learn from the mistakes and strive on :)
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This topic is making me LOL so damn hard.

dubc82 posted...
Is league play really that different from normal core and hardcore? I haven't gotten around to trying it yet.

Kind of. Yeah.
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