Dual KAP40 is apparently OP

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4 years ago#1
Optic guys have been saying the Dual KAP40 is OP and they are going to use it in the tourney. I guess people will follow the optic guys and then echo their thoughts, which will most likely lead to Vonderderp listening to it and then KAP40being nerfed again.
KAP40 dual is an absolute beast in close quarters but...op? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
4 years ago#2
Its not the FMG. That is enough for me. It is as OP as the Remington, I.E. not OP.
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4 years ago#3
It's in there for the Akimbo FMG9 users from MW3.

Gotta have a secondary that's ULTRA noob friendly.
4 years ago#4
**** optic
KAP40 will soon be a BB gun dealing zero damage.
Optic has been losing pretty much everything anyways.
They're irrelevant in the competitive world.
They're just COD celebrities and nothing more.
Hard to differentiate them from pubstomping youtubers.

4 years ago#5
The Kap40 is useless beyond 10 meters, especially the akimbo version. People will complain about anything nowadays. MW2 secondaries, how I miss thee.
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4 years ago#6
It has god awful range, it's basically like an M1216. Far from OP.
4 years ago#7
no wonder these kids have been losing everything recently
peeps have been sayig how they lose everything now and their excuse is "i'm happy how we play. we lose but that's what it's all about: practice and experience from losses." that's literally what they said.
4 years ago#8
1. optic says dual kap40 is op
2. optic fanboys religiously say the dual ka40 is op
3. optic fanboys religiously say kap40 is op
4. vonderhurdur says it's fine
5. devs nerf the kap40
4 years ago#9
Collection of things claimed to be OP in BO2 according to the CoD community:
All shotguns, All SMGs, KAP40, B23R, akimbo pistols, UAV, VSAT, Toughness, Dexterity, RPGs, semi-automatic rifles, hip fire, C4, EMP grenades, Flak Jacket, Lightweight, Ghost, laser sight, target finder.

Did I leave anything out?
4 years ago#10
For people who are professionals, they really don't know what their talking about :l
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