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3 years ago#11
I'd like to see what the campaign will be like.
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3 years ago#12
Maiken100 posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
From: Maiken100 | #007
Scratch MW4, Make Call of Duty 5 with a WW2 theme.

God no.

Why not? It's what CoD was all about before.

It's been played out.
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3 years ago#13
Minjo26 posted...
TheManlyManatee posted...
The best idea I can think of would be to not make a MW4

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3 years ago#14
Less cluttered maps.
3 years ago#15
Aside from not making the damn game or at least waiting another year before releasing...

1. No KDR counter
2. No killstreaks, or return to the 3-5-7
3. Bring back rifle butts/pistol whips and make them a 2-hit kill
4. Remove aim assist from sniper rifles
5. No heartbeat sensor
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3 years ago#16
Make something new
Something different
3 years ago#17
Chrono_teeth posted...
Make something new
Something different

With robots! Gundam style!
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3 years ago#18
I really think the next one should be, Call of Duty Prehistoric Warfare.

It'll have cool jungle maps, not OP weapons (sticks, rocks to throw, maybe spears to throw)

Kill streaks can be like call in those little dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

Sh1t will be boss.
3 years ago#19
1. Hold it back an extra year and so make it properly next gen. This, in turn, also gives Treyarch an extra year to develop their first next gen version.
2. Given the extra power, I expect either some more destructable terrain or an additional War plalist with a couple of extended maps and an increased player count.
3. To fill the gap on current gen consoles, release an XBL game, "MW2 redux". This would cost 2400 points, would be multiplayer only, would include all the maps (including the 10 DLC ones) and would remove Commando, Danger Close, One Man Army and the nuke (to be replaced with Marksman, Stalker, Quickdraw and MOAB, respectively) and would include a combat record, theatre mode and Elite support.
3 years ago#20
xnxbxax posted...
Bigger maps.

Please. At this point I'm yearning for a map like Derail and I hated that place back in the day.

same here, turbine, aftermath and downhill are some of my favorite maps in the game.

i want:

-dashboarding to migrate the host! or dedicated servers. I'm completely 100% raged and fed up with games ending because of dashboarding. What a buzzkill. Also host migration pause the game, no killstreaks expiring, no health regeneration, no hardpoint capturing, etc. All it pauses is the game clock. Hardpoint clock runs and score changes.

-how about some maps that aren't tiny and aren't linear? there are more shapes than a line.
Examples of shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, circle, pentagon, hexagon, ellipse. there are other shapes too.

-fix spawns. more static spawns! cod 4 was probably the best. someone makes it in to your spawn? then it shouldn't just instantly flip. that causes chaos. if they want to sell chaos, then stick with the successful chaos playlists, TO GO ALONG WITH maps and spawn systems that aren't random chaos.

-lag. this goes to dedicated servers. this is easily possible given how much money this game makes.

-SPECIALIST streaks! pick 10 was good but a lot of the perks became attachments and that totally screwed over specialist. just change it back specialist was a great way to compete while playing solo. Also, this is random but I miss predator missile.


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