So you use Target Finder with select fire on FAL, PDW, and LMG?

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The simple fact you're using the FAL kinda negates the point of this topic. It's considered one of the better weapons in the game for a raisin.

I've been using semi-automatic guns since Big Red One with the K98 and Ghewer. Even up to CoD 4 with the G3. So naturally I'm going to use my prefer choice with the FAL. Not my fault most of the community goes to whatever gun happens to be the noobiest. That's why I was ****ed when I heard about the nerf it was getting because -now- it's so "popular". But now I'm fine about it because the nerf was intended for Select Fire noobs.

K98 - semi auto confirmed for troll.
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If you were a real man, you wouldn't need to waste a point on a reflex sight.
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TF and select on the pdw.


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I think he meant select fire only on the FAL.
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reflex sight itself is a crutch that you don't need in pub matches
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FAL Select Fire? The cooler people moved on to the SMR already.

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i stopped using target finder and picked up thermal does that make me worse
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Target Finder shouldn't even be in the game imo. It' a crutch for bad players.

Yea. Give it to a good player who camps and watch the KD double instantly... I had a 30-1 or 40-1 first round of Demolition on Slums with one. Noob tried to camp with it, I took it after killing him. It was a s***show from there. I started off COD corner camping and headglitching. Put an ultra easymode attachment in where I can also have my mini-map? HAHA!

It's OP. No other way to put it. The people who say stuff 'it's not OP' 'get better noob' etc, are the people that use it.

Notice anything on this board that people post about, certain people will defend it... Why? You know they use it constantly.
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The target finder is fine, people just need to man up and deal with it. 9 times out of 10 they were going to see you anyways. stop b*tching about it already.
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reflex sight itself is a crutch that you don't need in pub matches

As opposed to having a different crutch like the silencer?

"whaa it's not a crutch because that's all i use!"

Just like all I use is Reflex? Yeah, don't bring up it being a crutch unless you have a legit argument to go with it.
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