Another camping topic......

#1jazsper77Posted 2/11/2013 5:56:20 PM
These boards seem to be filled with these lately , so what is considered camping.

First off most people who hate campers are the ones who don't use mic's,flip the spawn from charging,just playing the ME game. They play TDM as if it was FFA to pad there stats cuz they get owned in FFA. It's called TEAM death match , the goal is to have everyone go positive and win. It's not called LoneWolf mode.

Who the bleep cares about how the person does it.

Also I know people who camp to offset the lag hags,modders,quickscopers,etc. funny how it pisses the hacks off when they can't use their bs cuz they can't see you.

If you sit in a room or a corner with absolutely no idea what your doing. That I call camping. If you move around the map using level designed cover to move spot to spot. That I call smart.

Most of you on these boards who complain about camping,should just have maps that are fenced in fields of grass. Where each team starts against the opposite side of the fence and charge at each other. Everybody die/kills respawns,repeat,repeat,etc cuz there is so much skill there.
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Sorry for this topic again,I just get the hate for it. When gamers get killed so many other bs ways,that don't create the hate.