Engineer & Dexterity are 2 of the Best Perks in the Game so Why...

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I would consider engineering good if more people used claymores but other than that it's useless.

I would Rank tier 3 perks like this:

Dead Silence
Tac Mask
Extreme Conditioning

Shock charges. betties, claymores, tac inserts, planted shields, sentry turrets, guardians, trophy systems. Engineer can se all of these things, and tell you where the other team is holding up.

It delays betties and claymores so you can sprint past them and catch the camper off guard.

It lets you reroll care packages.

Yeah, dead silence and awareness are way better than crappy old engineering. lol

This. Here's how I would rank them instead.

Engineering (If you're not a rusher)
Tac Mask (If you are a rusher) Very close second, or possibly first, depending on your playstyle.

Dead Silence
Ex. Con.
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