Which game is better: Black Ops 2 or Call of Duty 2?

#1Dethklok510Posted 2/11/2013 11:20:28 PM
I think Call of Duty 2 is the best in the series and I think Black Ops 2 is the 3rd worst. Only MW3 and Black Ops 1 were worse.

What are your opinions?
#2kushahilicPosted 2/11/2013 11:23:26 PM
cod 2. the best still. cod 2 and 4 are great. the rest are just okay
#3R0YB0TPosted 2/11/2013 11:44:23 PM
This is my first Call of Duty game so I say Black Ops 2.
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#4Teh_5_StarzPosted 2/12/2013 12:23:45 AM
Blops 2 is the best cod ever made imo
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