post your highest zombie wave (any map) and favorite zombie movie/show

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47 on tranzit? Impressive

Wow, such low standards! The 36 Nuketown takes more skill than that.

Maybe he's impressed at how much he fought off the boredom of such a terrible map.

What and I mean WHAT IN THE **** is with people naming Evil Dead/Army of Darkness??? Some of my most favourite movies ever but zombie movies they are most definitely not.

Night of the living dead - and remake
Dawn - and remake
Return of the living dead 1
****** REDNECK ZOMBIES **********
****** BRAIN DEAD ********* - Peter Jacksons best work ;)
Shaun of the Dead
Black Sheep - Another New Zealand great ;)
Zombie Land

NOT any of the recent Romero moives - they're so god awful.