If you could have one Call of Duty title taken out of the series completely...

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GundamBansheeFA posted...

Plus cod2 because i hated throwing potatoes at nazis

I'd pay good money to throw a potato at a Nazi!
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andrewk531 posted...
black ops.

my thoughts as well
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Any answer other than MW3 is wrong.
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Try to play Call of Duty ONCE without raging, Good luck :)
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If I could take out one game from the series I would pick none. Why the hell would it matter if one game was missing?
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maybe if they didn't have to focus on MW3 they would have been able to fix MW2 and make it the best CoD so far (best maps, netcode, gameplay mechanics)

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black ops 2 ugh at this time i was getting so sick of playing cod since cod 1 but my addiction kept saying play meee, i just hate futuristic games , like ive never been so happy to wait for the next cod game so it can go back to normal
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Black Ops. Horribly imbalanced and it was bland as hell on top of it.
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