Screwing around with the random class generator, what do I get?

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User Info: ihaveyahoorares

4 years ago#1
Here's the site btw:

I get:

No Primary (picked up some MSMC w/ Suppressor and FMJ when I ran outta ammo)

Hardline + Flak Jacket
Tactical Mask + Engineer

Bouncing Betty
1 EMP Grenade

Perk 1 Wildcard
Perk 3 Wildcard

Streaks are UAV, CUAV, Lodestar.

That's a pretty damn good class! I didn't think I was going to get the Lodestar though. I went 18-2 on Hijacked Domination... Not a bad score, but why wasn't it better? We won 200-36. I got 2 captures kills with the KAP 40 and Bouncing Betty while taking B off the start, then ran back to A to call in the UAV/CUAV. Ran underneath. Picked up 2 guys camping the room up top by C after EMPing them ang getting points for taking out 3 Shock Charges and 3 Bouncing Betties. Shortly after got the Lodestar. Waited to get the next UAV/CUAV (died twice in the process) so my team could have some more support as I was in my Lodestar and to try to loop the streaks better.

The second I called in my Lodestar I watched a clan of 5 back right out, leaving just 1 guy on the enemy team.

YOU GAVE ME THE STREAKS! NOW GIVE ME YOUR DEATHS! Typical clan though right? If they can't spawn trap or get a good KD, they back out to try to preserve theirs. There should be a 1% KD hit for people who do that. Then let's see how many people stay in games...

The previous game where I did horrible, I went 22-19, with most caps and defends of course, I had a laughable random class.

SVU with Silencer and Extended Mags
Crossbow with ACOG

No Perk 1
Extreme Conditioning

2 Flashbangs

Streaks are, RC-XD, Warthog, and Swarm. Like that would ever happen.

This is one I'll have to use tomorrow. Might not be too bad honestly. Just wish Blind Eye was any other Tier 1 perk instead.

User Info: SPARTAN-034

4 years ago#2
you complain a lot
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User Info: ihaveyahoorares

4 years ago#3
SPARTAN-034 posted...
you complain a lot

I just think it's funny when people back out of a lobby to preserve their stats... Especially when it's a S*** talking clan, and you're using a randomly generated class... If anything, it was a brag topic I guess. It's hella fun trying out that class generator. The other guy in my party got an S12 with a Silencer and MMS (I think). Nothing that would've been good at all. All the useless perks equipment and crap.
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