Why is the five seven so bad in this game?

#11igashijinPosted 2/13/2013 3:19:13 PM
Are you joking? The Five-Seven is SO dangerous. lol

I do way better with it than the Tac .45, even though I prefer the latter more. Let's face it, the Tac .45 is just sexy.

It shoots faster, it kicks less, has way more ammo, and only takes +1 bullet to kill at most ranges. It also just feels *really* nice to shoot.

Also, it has a 2 bullet kill range that's about half that of the Tac .45, making the long barrel pretty much turn it into a slightly shorter ranged Tac .45 that's MUCH easier to handle.

I'd say it's definitely the best semi-automatic pistol in the game, and arguably the best pistol in the game in terms of raw potential. (Yes, the B23R is a beast, as is the KAP-- they're both still weaker, less reliable, and carry less bullets).
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#12FlashCannonPosted 2/13/2013 3:23:41 PM
pretty sure i can win any handgun to handgun fight with that five-seven. a fast rhythmic finger twitch and long barrel and/or fast mag/extended mag, and it's all over for the enemy.
that handgun has minimal recoil, headshots are cake, and it's stats are remarkable.
honestly i consider the 57 and tac 45 are on par with each other, they are both so good at what they do.