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User Info: lucardsball

4 years ago#1
Hey all...so a buddy and I just tried zombies.It is extremely addicting. However, we only seem to get through wave 7 or 8 without getting completely overwhelmed. Can you guys offer up some advice for better play? Thanks!

User Info: momar_1983

4 years ago#2
what map are you playing if you want some really good advice then go ahead and add me up
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User Info: 5h07gun

4 years ago#3
I LOVE these topics.

TC, before you look anything up, go to the map Town, get to round 5-8 and get juggernog (the red perk machine, it costs 2500)

Then, get to a nice wide area and run circles around the zombies. Don't shoot, just keep running circles around them until no more are spawning. Then run away a bit, turn around and shoot.

Then post results.
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