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3 years ago#1
Along with your top 2 and 3 and how many kills with each

AN-94 5047
Scar H 1777
M27 1242

i assume ill see mostly smgs
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3 years ago#2
MSMC: 21,782 kills, 1.75 kd
FAL: 8,556 kills, 1.86 kd(I use this exclusively now)
PDW: 5.020 kills, 1.80 kd(was my Hardcore gun of choice)
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3 years ago#3
Reset recently
At the moment
QBB LSW, 1500 kills, 2.1 K/D
B23R 800 kills 1.8 K/D
MK48 750 1.9 K/D
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3 years ago#4
An-94 - 2682 kills - 21.75% accuracy - 2 k/d
MK48 - 2031 kills - 16.86% accuracy - 1.90 k/d
HAMR - 1953 kills - 18.90% accuracy - 2 k/d

I have been going for diamond on a lot of the weapon classes so they are all pretty even from 1k to 2k kills. As far as SMG there is one in my top 10 (not even top 5), the MSMC at 7th I believe.

lol and TC t your sig is so true. Recently reminds me of the 3DS board when people complain about the bundles having a digital copy of the game instead of boxed, even though the game is free and coast them nothing.
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3 years ago#5
SMR - 2247 kills - 2.63 k/d - 25.87% accuracy
M8A1 - 1907 kills - 2.65 k/d - 29.35% accuracy
Chicom CQB - 1551 kills - 2.04 k/d - 23.26% accuracy

Probably these are my top guns, because I needed the most time getting those to gold.
3 years ago#6
Scar h
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3 years ago#7
Haven't checked for a couple weeks, but it was the SWAT then.
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3 years ago#8
FAL - 23879 kills, 24.8% accuracy, 3.6 k/d
SMR - 12019 kills, 25.2% accuracy, 3.2 k/d
AN-94 - 9187 kills, 22.8% accuracy, 2.7 k/d

I love the FAL in this game.
3 years ago#9
LSAT, like 2900 kills, I haven't looked in a while. 21ish% accuracy. 1.67 k/d

Like I've said, I'm not all that good at this game.
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3 years ago#10
Five-seven-1200ish(you have no idea how much I hate this gun and the fact that it's that high up on my list)
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