Do you just use the best weapon in each game ?

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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#1
This is not a rant or complaint but I'm curious because I was just in this game where someone was being called a hacker on my team so I was looking at his stats after the game. He was level 55 no prestige and had 50k kills with the PDW with a 4 K/D, his next guns were all the rest of the SMG with just enough to get his diamond PDW.

That is just crazy, as much as I like the AN-94 and HAMR I don't think I could use them that much, and that is two guns
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#2
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User Info: PvtPorkSord

4 years ago#3
I use whatever I feel like ****ing around with. I played a few matches with the S12&PeaceKeeper yesterday. If I play today I might run the crossbow or executioner as my only weapons. If I accept that I'm just trying to play around ill have fun weather I go positive or not.

User Info: ShadowUmbreon42

4 years ago#4
Not going to lie any gun that is overused on my classes is just filler until I get a gun that is fun Stupidity drives me so far over the edge when they refuse to use their brain. Well that and being a jerk.

User Info: ZephyrSSX

4 years ago#5
Only when I want to poop on some tryhard who thinks he's good.

Otherwise I have an aversion to using the top tier stuff. I want to know it's mostly me doing the work and not the equipment.
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User Info: FlashCannon

4 years ago#6
to me it's not just about getting good stats or doing the best at all times with only the weapons i'm most comfortable using (SMR, snipers, most ARs really and LMGs). i try and use odd loadouts that i never see. The main thing i try and focus on is doing things out of the norm and pushing my skills to their limits.

like in COD4 i really felt called to try and master using the R700 on every map and do well, not just weapons that have a particular advantage on certain maps as that isn't going to push growth very much.

I think most people find "being the best" is their only objective. whether thats only using the best and most powerful weapons or only sticking to tried and true setups. Personally i find these people far too numerous and boring.

User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#7
I have 3 sets of Diamond, so...
Learn to sense the sarcasm, bro.

User Info: theLongR0D

4 years ago#8
I use whatever gun I feel like; I don't look to the cod community for approval. If it turns out to be hated by the community, so be it. I couldn't care less if I tried.

User Info: roach06

4 years ago#9
Yes I use whatever the best gun is, or whatever I feel the best gun is. Why wouldn't you unless your going for diamond? Just to be different? When I see someone using a sub-par gun I assume they are a noob, or are going for diamond.

I used the MSMC and PDW pretty much exclusively for my first 25k kills (after getting diamond SMG's). I didnt read on any forums that they were the best, but they are what I did best with during my diamond adventure.

My friend convinced me to try the FAL + Target finder a few weeks back...and 9,000 kills later I havent put it down, it is now my favorite gun (and the best gun in the game I believe).

I tried going for diamond pistols but after doing the pac-40 and the done with gold guns for FAL isnt even gold.
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User Info: GreatKiraLord

4 years ago#10
I go and fourth between the FAL, SMR, and the AN-94.
I love the feeling of the FAL.
SMR is nice so hat I can be a hipster for using a gun that is regarded as a bad weapon by many. AN-94 is just badass.
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