Predictions for upcoming UPDATE

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Link43130 posted...
i hope they nerf the boltshot
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dougrace posted...
Link43130 posted...
i hope they nerf the boltshot

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MarkPlaysGears posted...
They will nerf counter UAV I'm calling it. It's too to easy to get and does too much for what it's worth.

CUAV = free 100 points for someone on the enemy team. The rarely last more the 5 seconds in most of my games.
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iBlackice25 posted...
HydraRaptor posted...
What I'd like to see:
Reduction to SF FAL's rate of fire from 450 to 400 and recoil decreased to first patch numbers.
SF SMR rate of fire reduced from 400 to 350
SMG suppressor range reduction scaled back to 25% from current 30%.
SWAT SF range fixed to remove zero damage area and SF range reduction.
Fast Mags attachments changed to reduce reload speed by 50%.
Extended Clip attachments renamed to Extended Mags and no longer elongate reload time.
Foregrip attachment buffed to 7%, 10%, and 15% recoil reduction on SMGs, Assault Rifles, and LMGs, respectively, from current 2%.
First-person camera moved backward to match third-person character model and prone animation fixed to match first-person movement to third-person animation.
Rapid Fire range reduction dropped to a 20% for SMGs and a 30% for LMGs.
FMJ Attachments usable with Millimeter Scanner attachment.
Hybrid Sight attachment usable with Select Fire attachment and Grenade Launcher attachment.
EOTech Sight attachment recoil reduction raised from 1% to 5%, additive to Foregrip attachment instead of multiplicative as it is now.
ACOG Sight attachment recoil reduction raised from 2% to 7%, additive to Foregrip attachment instead of multiplicative as it is now.
Suppressor attachment recoil increase raised from 2% to 5% on SMGs, 5% on Assault Rifles, and 7% on LMGs.
Target Finder attachment aim assist reduced to standard paramenters.
Target Finder attachment's color change effect when centered on an enemy using the Cold Blooded perk removed.
Hard Wired perk gains the following effect: Concussion, Flashbang, and EMP grenades now paint enemies hit by them for 3 seconds on the map for the player using the perk only.
Concussion grenade toss time reduced to match CoD4 and MW2 toss times, and effect length reduced to match the aforementoned games.
Flashbang grenade effect range increase by 25%.
EMP grenade blast radius reduced by 15%.
Millimeter Scanner attachment tweaked to show Assault Shields placed on the ground through walls within the 25 meter maximum range.
Assault Shield health when planted reduced by 50%.
Ghost perk tweaked to allow 5 seconds on non-movement before the effect is lost.
Extended Clip attachment tweaked to give a 50% magazine capacity increase to Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and LMGs.
Finally, Multiplayer Matchmaking system will only search for games at 100ms ping and below unless Search Preference: Any has been selected, and Search Preference: Best will only search for games below or equal to 50ms ping.

The number these I expect to actually happen: Zero.

I agree with everything you said except the following:

1. Ghost should not be lost if there is 5 seconds of non movement. That would be effective towards everyone else except campers, which then still wouldnt be balanced. I hate campers as much as you probably do, but the perk wouldnt be for everyone.

2. FMJ with Millimeter Scanner would be pretty OP

3. Hybrid Sight and Select Fire would be pretty OP

4. That First Person-third person prone thing you stated, it sounds very unneccessary

Everything else is great

You misunderstand. When you move from prone to crouched, you can see past a ledge, low wall, etc. before the head on your character model comes remotely close to being visible. Most of the time, when people are "headglitching" they moved from crouched to standing behind a barrel or wall
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Link43130 posted...
i hope they nerf the boltshot

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