You hear "Enemy Swarm Incomming." What'sthe best course of action?

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  3. You hear "Enemy Swarm Incomming." What'sthe best course of action?

User Info: Telvanni_guard

4 years ago#21
Blindeye, Flak Jacket, EMP Grenades.

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User Info: Evil Squall

Evil Squall
4 years ago#22
Continue my game like normal? I use Blind Eye on every class. I havent had to watch for Hunter Killers, Escort Drones, Stealth Choppers or Swarms since the first Prestige....
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#23
did he get it in a care package? Quit cause ain't nobody got time for that bullcrap

did he actually earn it? Well then go inside
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User Info: FSE_Quikstop

4 years ago#24
From: fatclemenza | #004
leave because bad teammates
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User Info: Lerp85

4 years ago#25
MightyD88 posted...

b) XBL Guide Button + Y + UP + A

LMFAO, wow, can't even take the easy way out easily.

I tuck myself in a building and wait it out. And if I leave a game I don't do it like a pansy I just press start and leave game.
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User Info: SevenDayCandle

4 years ago#26
Leave the game immediately because I've never ONCE contributed to an enemy getting a score streak since I am superleet. My KD means everything to me and I will do whatever I have to protect it. Dashboarding, rage quitting, searching for noob lobbies, playing in a party and inviting a horrible randumb to be the host in hopes the skill based match making will put me in a lobby of noobs so I can feel better about myself in real life since videogames are THAT important to me.


In reality? People I've seen a K9 or Swarm called in by the enemy maybe 8-10 times out of my 7 days of playtime. Riot Shield class + Blind Eye. If the dog is going to attack you, lay prone with the shield on your back, it can't get you.

Since MW3 and all the OMGSUPERLEETMOAB tryhards I always look at the scoreboard every 30 seconds or so throughout the game if I feel the enemy might get a good streak. Then I look to see where the skulls showed up when I see that enemy in the killfeed killing a teammate. Then I make it my mission to go and take him off his little streak so he can rage quit the lobby or trash talk about how 'garbage' I am.

User Info: brutalmonk3y4

4 years ago#27
chuck some trophies and get a few points out of it.

User Info: MCGTP

4 years ago#28
Dashboard if I'm host.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

4 years ago#29
I take out my smaw and try to shoot all of them down.
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  3. You hear "Enemy Swarm Incomming." What'sthe best course of action?

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