C/D: This game really needs a mode where you only play people of your prestige

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adeel posted...
HHH is the game. Play Combat Training.

Play that until you get really familiar with flank routes and being able to predict where the enemy is.

You see Combat Training gives you half XP, but you can absolute beast in a game. In a normal Kill Confirmed game mode I hit up 4k XP, in CTraining I hit around 7kXP, and that's it being halved.

I recommend having a class that forces you to run and gun and not stay behind. You don't improve in CoD if you take your time. You improve if you run, stay on your feet, learn where everyone is.

Make a class like this.

MSMC + Supresser + Quickdraw.
Park 1 Greed. Hardline + Ghost.
Perk 3 Greed. Engineer & Dexterity.

No secondary, no grenades, just you and your gun. Play a whole day on Combat Training, your confidence (and XP) will grow, you'll learn the maps and have more fun instead of being raged. Aim to try and get higher scorestreaks. Aim to consistently get Guardians in a game, then upgrade that to VSATS, then VTOLS, then Swarms. Move back over to a normal playlist and start to kick ass.

^I agree with this post.
I got better at this game because Combat Training helped me. Before i was at a .7 K/D now i'm at a 1.01! :D

Lol, but it really does help. I would look into it if I were you.
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Actually OP they had something in the playlists for awhile when the game came out, Skill Based Match Making, but enough tryhards whined about it cause they couldnt pubstomp like they did in the previous games that Treyarch removed it from all but the League Play list.
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dueric posted...
Didn't they have a "prestige playlist" in Blops 1 or MW3? From what I recall nobody played in it.

I think it was WaW lol
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