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3 years ago#1
whether we b**** and whine about bo2/cod or not, we play this game and we've stuck around with cod because we like the franchise for some ****ing reason. i enjoy cod games and have enjoyed cod games. but my question is, without any bull****, do you like this game? rage and jj off to the game all you want but what's your feelings towards the game after months of playing this? personally, i think the game is an absolute garbage due to the maps and the ****ing lag and im hoping 3arc won't make another cod game ever again.
i got friends who like it due to the weapon balance, which i think 3arc did a tremendous job on. let's not go all keyboard warrior on each other's opinions and just say out what we think about the game now.
3 years ago#2
I haven't played this game for around 2 weeks now.
I hate the maps but I just quit out of the ones that I don't like, which is most of the collection of maps. The main reason I can't bring myself to like the game at current state is the lag.
I get so many damn hitmarkers being I kill someone or being killed. And I'm sure this happens to everyone. If they could just fix the lag...
3 years ago#3
Let's just say i can't believe Treyarch had 2 years to work on BO2.
3 years ago#4
It'd be a mediocre game to pass time if BO2 didn't have so much issues relating to lag.
3 years ago#5
Much better than MW3, a big step back from BO1
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3 years ago#6
I like it and as I have said before I have not experienced any more wtf moments than any other cod, I am not saying that lag comp doesn't exist its just I experience no more lag here than any other cod I have played.
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3 years ago#7
Zombies-definitely yes
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3 years ago#8
Not as bad as some people make it out to be and not as good as some people make it out to be.
3 years ago#9
at the moment, i think it's a horrible game due to the lag and the garbage maps (overall)
it's almost unplayable. if they fix the lag, then it'd be a mediocre game that's forgettable.
i haven't really played this game as my main game for...i'm not even sure but until they fix the lag, meh.
3 years ago#10
Campaign = I love it. My favorite CoD campaign so far, mainly because of its new campaign features. And I sort of like the Strike Force missions but Treyarch needs to improve the AI of my allies.
Zombies = I like it but I prefer WaW and BO1 zombies more. But I am loving the new Turned game mode and I wish that would be put in all of Green Run's areas and other maps.
Multiplayer = It's good but it's not great. I love the new features including Mute All and Pick 10 System. If this game didn't had lag compensation or bad spawn points, the multiplayer would of been great, but I am use to the bad lag and spawns since I played MW3 throughout MW3's time.

OI really enjoyed this game. It is my second favorite Call of Duty game, mainly because of its campaign, as well as the easter eggs in this game (especially Nuketown 2025's easter egg), and the new features. My first favorite CoD game is the PC version of World at War.
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