My thought/idea of the new weapon for the 2nd dlc map pack.

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k1zzl3_82 posted...
Campers delight- gun that deploys a tent rendering the player invisible to enemies. Then inside the tent is a AR with a target finder, select fire, srock, longer barrel, grip, extended and fast mags, a grenade launcher, and its also akimbo. Also the tent is surrounded by RC-XD's

you forgot the guardian and sentry gun posted at all entrances, behind the assault shields planted in the ground and all the claymores, bouncin betties, shock charges, and c4 immediately inside, with the escort drone constantly flying overhead :)
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flame030191 posted...
I feel they should doan AR thats more usable at close range than others. Think of a more poweful SMG with the combersome feel of the ARs as a drawback.

already been done. Called Peacekeeper
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Jonnywestside posted...
SMG/Shotgun Hybrid


Like an AA12, or Double Anarchy style?
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sorry guys the next dlc guy has already been confirmed
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What the hell are you guys talking about? The leaked picture of the DLC gun looks like some sort of Sniper/AR hybrid. It has a sniper scope, but it is very short for a sniper. I'm thinking it's a Burst Fire Sniper Rifle.

Leaked Promo Poster (check the bottom):
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Next DLC gun shouldn't be a gun at all should be a samurai sword. Sword should be throwable and have an unlockable duel wield capability.
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Apparently the orientation one is a fake, along with another fake one called Induction.
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MegaTape13 posted...
Jonnywestside posted...
SMG/Shotgun Hybrid


Like an AA12, or Double Anarchy style?

PDW mag size, Skorpion fire-rate, MSMC range and R870 damage and spread size but with an extra 4 pellets for balance purposes.
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They should make a shotgun that fires rays of light that are over 500 degrees and is a one hit kill.
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