Patch Notes released!

#1bdhornets1Posted 2/19/2013 8:33:57 AM
Here you go! Nothing crazy besides less guardian damage in hardcore.
#2shadowsofdawnPosted 2/19/2013 8:38:51 AM
"Reduced the red flash damage indicator when using the Toughness Perk."

They buffed toughness? lmao
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#3BeastlyIguanaPosted 2/19/2013 8:38:53 AM
Good, they fixed that blasted local glitch.
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#4AlexanaxelaPosted 2/19/2013 8:39:39 AM
emp doesn't counter emp anymore :'(
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#5BeastlyIguanaPosted 2/19/2013 8:40:25 AM
Alexanaxela posted...
emp doesn't counter emp anymore :'(

Thank God.
Who the **** vacuums a window?
#6TheRealJayveezyPosted 2/19/2013 8:41:48 AM
Sucks for people that didn't get gold on the RPG yet.
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#7ReTouchablePosted 2/19/2013 8:44:01 AM
So they ignored the biggest complaint yet again. How surprising.
#8Sputnik1337Posted 2/19/2013 8:47:43 AM
>Resolved an issue with care packages bouncing unusually high.

#9Teh_5_StarzPosted 2/19/2013 8:55:52 AM
Fixed an issue in Zombies Theater Mode where the Who’s Who swirly vision can be seen for players who are not in the mode when switching from players who are.


Reduced Guardian damage in Hardcore modes

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#10Aether_LyricPosted 2/19/2013 9:03:14 AM
Welp I tried to tell people it wouldn't have anything significant

Fixed an issue with the Skulls Camo Challenge for the RPG unlocking by using other weapons in conjunction with the RPG.

Is this the triple kill challenge? LOL, it's impossible now