Bloodthirsty crossbow help

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3 years ago#1
I have been trying for 10 games, still nothing. Can anyone PLEASE help?
GT is That Frogman
GT: That Frogman
3 years ago#2
Sticks and stones...... patience......... and be awesome bro
3 years ago#3
try the party game playlist
3 years ago#4
I have been D:
GT: That Frogman
3 years ago#5
crossbow + tri-bolt + scavenger = GG

that would be my setup, just play it safe and let your team run in front of you so you have some cover. Nothing better then letting your randoms take that smg clip while you take the kill
3 years ago#6
camp in a corner with flak jacket and riot shield for the head glitch. let them come to you.
3 years ago#7
I saw one guy camp up on one of the balconies on Hijacked.

He set up his shield and went to town with Tri-Bolt.
GT: PeskyBurrito2 Honk Honk!
3 years ago#8
Use a second controller and play sticks and stones. That way you can kill your unmoving friend as well as maybe a few real enemies. Thats what i had to do anyways.
There is a difference between the words "then" and "than".
3 years ago#9
Finally got it :D
GT: That Frogman
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